May 5, 2007

Happy Children's Day!

May 5th in Korea is Children's Day. What this means is that most businesses (except those catering to children) are closed, candy flows like water, and kids run wild in the streets. Usually its a great day off for me, but this year its unfortunately a Saturday, which basically just means an inconvenience. Its gonna be crazy taking the subway today and I went all the way to the gym only to find it closed, Bah!
Anyway, on the brighter side, we didn't have to really teach Kindergarten yesterday, we spent the whole day playing. We made play-dough 'cookies', blew bubbles, threw water balloons, painted faces, made candy crowns and pigged out on pizza, chicken and cookies for lunch.

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limdongcheol said...

Catherine, hope your trip is going well. I came across your blog looking for a suitable photo for children's day (2010) and used your collage. I hope you don't mind. I made a link from the picture to your site as courtesy. The collage sort of encapulated children's day! Any problems and I will happily remove it. Good luck